Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
How much do I have to pay in order to get the Golf Discount Coupons?
You pay nothing. Registration is free. Once registered, you click and print your coupon and enjoy golf at a discount price. Visit before each round of golf. The game and the courses are the same; your savings are the new component.
Why Do Golf Courses Offer Big Discounts?
The answer is both simple and logical.
Golf courses are selling a product that is “perishable.” A tee time unsold at 3:00 this afternoon can never again be sold. For golf courses, the next tee time is a new product to be sold. Revenue lost from an unused or unscheduled tee time can never be regained. That particular revenue opportunity was lost.
Golf courses charge full rates during peak demand periods and graciously offer substantial discounts during those periods in which they historically have fewer patrons. This is where comes in. We connect golfers with golf courses offering discounts.
Our affiliate golf courses make substantial discounts available to registered members (please remember, registration is free). The Golf Course benefits, because what might have been an unused tee time with lost revenue is now a used tee time with a discounted rate. The golfer benefits by paying the lowest possible rates at the specific course during a designated period.
Are there any other reasons a golf course might offer discounts?
Yes, in some instances you will find that the discount is made available to introduce you to a new course that has not yet built up its clientele. In other cases you may find that a golf course will restrict the number of times that you can play their course at a discount price. In these instances, the course management is making the discount offer as a means of introducing you to the course in anticipation that the course will become one of your favorites and that you will become a steady and frequent customer.

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